Justin Brunson Gets A Pilot on the Food Network

Originally published October 13, 2017 by Daliah Singer.

If you’ve ever eaten at one of Justin Brunson’s restaurants, you know the beloved local chef and restaurateur is a fan of meat. After all, there’s the three-pound pork chop on the menu at Old Major; a lunch spot devoted to fried chicken; a meat-and-cheese-centric venture; and the forthcoming Rocky Mountain Charcuterie.

So when Food Network wanted to know what kind of show Brunson would be interested in filming, the answer was simple: “[I told them] it’d be cool if you had a show about meat—not just barbecue, but burgers, steaks, charcuterie, sausages. I’d go and talk to the chefs or the farmers or the ranchers—get the whole story,” Brunson says.

The network went for the idea.

SEARious Meats premieres Wednesday, October 18 at 8 p.m. on the Cooking Channel; the Food Network premiere is on Friday, October 20 at 4:30 p.m. The half-hour pilot—“Cowtown to Chowtown”—was shot entirely in Denver over the summer. “Everybody wants to eat food with a story,” Brunson says. “I want to showcase as many people that are doing it right.”

More episodes will come if audiences respond to the premiere. Brunson would love to eventually expand the concept to focus more on sustainability, meat quality, and animal husbandry. Tune in next week to support his efforts—and maybe find a new local spot for your next dinner date.

Old Major Expands Lunch Offerings

Originally published in August 30, 2017 by Daliah Singer.

Royal Rooster is no longer just a fried chicken pop-up inside the LoHi restaurant.

The insanely tasty fried chicken sandwiches aren’t going anywhere, but the menu at Royal Rooster—the almost two-year-old fried chicken pop-up inside Old Major in LoHi—is getting a big boost.

It’s transitioning into a full-blown lunch spot, with the menu split into those beloved Rooster sandwiches and salads and more traditional Old Major offerings. “It just got so busy. [Regulars said] they would love to see some new stuff on the menu,” says executive chef/owner Justin Brunson. “I’m of the mindset: feed the people what they want.”

The Korean Rooster (kimchi, kewpie mayo, juicy fried thigh) is still on the menu, as are the crispy pork fat fries.

New additions include steak frites, a selection of charcuterie, a regularly changing crudo, and a grilled marlin sandwich with crispy kimchi. “I wanted to make sure there were plenty of healthy items and affordable ones as well,” Brunson says. To that end, the revamped lunch menu ranges from $9 sandwiches to $18 for the steak frites.

Time to schedule that client lunch meeting you’ve been putting off.

Royal Rooster is open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.